"I have to get me some of this."

- Stephen King


"I'm completely addicted to Bordertown on Netflix.

This thriller from Finland is brilliantly written, acted, directed and shot. I think it's magnificent."

- Eric Idle (Monty Python)


"Bordertown on @netflix

we are obsessed"

- Gwyneth Paltrow


- Top 5 on The Killing Times' Best crime dramas of the year 2020 list.

- On Vogue's list of the best mystery dramas available to stream 2021.



Helsinki Syndrome (TV-series, 2022)

3 x 50min episodes, thriller, drama

Network: YLE, NDR, Arte

Shooting location: Finland


Bordertown Season 3 (TV-series, 2019)

3 x 60min episodes, Crime, drama

Network: Netflix, YLE

Shooting location: Finland


Loman tarpeessa (TV-series, 2005)

11 x 30min episodes, Reality-TV

Network: Nelonen

Shooting locations: USA, Africa, Thailand, Hungary, Ireland, Holland etc.


Mr. Finland 2003: Uncensored (TV-series, 2003)

6 x 30min episodes, Reality-TV

Network: Subtv

Shooting location: Finland


Jussi Gaala 2002 (Finnish Oscars, 2002)


Network: Nelonen

Shooting location: Finland


Lontoo: kun Suomi ei riitä (Documentary, 2002)


Network: YLE

Shooting location: UK


Making of Minä & Morrison (Documentary, 2001)


Network: Nelonen

Shooting location: Finland


Making of SASH! With my own eyes (Documentary, 2000)


Network: MTV3

Shooting location: Finland


As Co-Cinematographer:

Puuhakalenteri (TV-series, 1998)

24 x 30min

Network: MTV3

Shooting location: Finland