Photo by Miikko Oikkonen



For over two decades Finnish writer/director Marko Mäkilaakso has directed music videos, commercials, documentaries, TV series, short films and feature films and has gained an international reputation for his strong visual style and storytelling abilities. In 2004 Marko was hired as 2nd Unit Director for feature film NIGHTBEASTS starring Zach Galligan (Gremlins). In 2007 Marko directed his first feature film WAR OF THE DEAD which was shot in Lithuania. The english language action horror film was an international co-production between USA-Lithuania-Italy on which Marko also served as a co-producer and writer. Entertainment One, Alliance and Momentum Pictures released the film in the US, Canada and UK. In 2011 Marko was hired to direct a Syfy Original Movie DEADLY DESCENT (aka Abominable Snowman) starring Adrian Paul (Highlander -series ), Chuck Campbell (Stargate Atlantis) and Sean Teale (The Gifted). The actioner was shot in Bulgaria and released thru Syfy and Universal around the world. In 2013 Marko directed his third film ELLA AND FRIENDS 2 which was a successful family comedy based on the popular children's book. In 2016 Marko started production of his fourth film IT CAME FROM THE DESERT which was based on the '80s legendary video game by Cinemaware. The Finland-UK- Canada co-production had its world premiere at the Fantasy Filmfest 2017 and became a festival hit around the world. In 2018 Marko was hired to direct episodes for the third season of the award winning crime drama series BORDERTOWN (Sorjonen). The Finland-France co-production was released as Netflix Original Series  around the world in 2020.


In March 2021  Marko directed his fifth feature film, action horror comedy THE CREEPS, starring Chris Cavalier (Hidden figures) with Christopher Lambert (Highlander) and William Daniels (Knight Rider). The film is currently in Post-production for 2024 release. In summer of 2021 Marko directed episodes for nordic thriller series HELSINKI SYNDROME from the makers of successful Bordertown series, starring Peter Franzén (Vikings). The Finland-Germany-France-Belgium co-production was released around the world in 2022. HELSINKI SYNDROME Season 2 is currently in Post-production for 2024 release. In between film work Marko writes screenplays and he has written and developed projects with Marvel legend Stan Lee, Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman, Jean-Claude Van Damme & Kris Van Damme with Rodin Entertainment, to name but a few. His movies have been released through Netflix, Hulu, Universal Channel, Syfy, Sony Pictures, Sky, FOX, The Orchard and Entertainment One. Marko's music videos has been nominated four times as 'Best music video of the year' at the Emma Awards (The Finnish Grammy's) and once he has won the prestige prize with his music video for UNIKLUBI (Universal Music). Marko has had the pleasure of directing talents like Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul, William Daniels, Zach Galligan, Peter Franzén, Sean Teale, Chris Cavalier, Olivier Gruner and Mark Arnold,  to name but a few. He lives in Germany with his family but continues working worldwide. 




Photo by Kimmo Korhonen