The Making of War of the Dead


The Making of Apocalyptica S.O.S (Anything But Love) feat. Cristina Scabbia


It Came From The Desert Documentary



It came from the Desert


"This is an amazing film made by Finnish director Marko Mäkilaakso"

- Mike Hood (Film


"Bill & Ted's extreme monster adventure!"

- Torsten Dewi (Wortvogel)


"Best film on a video game ever made."

- David Gelmini (Dread Central)


"Independent films are often hit or miss affairs, but when they hit, they hit hard. It came from the Desert is a home run."

- Dave Dubrow (The Slaughtered bird)


"It's such an entertaining watch that it should be watched with a big an audience as possible for maximum fun."

- Kat Hughes (The Hollywood News)


"One of the best monster movies ever!"

- Horror Depot


"In style of They Live, Eight Legged Freaks and Starship Troopers. The best creature feature I've seen since Big Ass Spider."

- The Movie Void


"A low budget Ready Player One."

- Geek Legion of Doom


"This Finnish-Spanish riff on a 1989 homage to 1950s insect mutant movies is much fun"

- Empire Magazine


Dread Central's David Gelmini's Best Horror Film of 2017:




War of the Dead


"Extremely impressive debut by Finland's Marko Mäkilaakso"

- Kelly Steward (Fangoria)


"An amazing achievement."

- Roel Reine (Director of Marvel's Inhumans, Death Race 2 & 3, The Scorpion King 3)


"Like a Rambo movie."

- Dennis Harvey (Variety)


"Like an episode of Band of Brothers with zombies."

- Ain't it cool news


" A non-stop, living dead actioner!"

- Billy Chainsaw (Bizarre)


"It is one heck of a recipe in awesome!"

- Shannon Ridley (Movie Moxie)